Prize-winning programmer with diverse background. Seventeen years experience in Internet programming with ColdFusion, javascript and SQL.


ColdFusion 3.1 -- 10.0
JavaScript, jQuery
SQL Server
Microsoft Access

Professional Experience & Accomplishments

2001 - Present Contract Programmer
InSpaceSafe (Ontario)
  • Developed a mobile app for in-field use
  • Clients using this app are able to perform field inspections of workplaces
  • Allows admin access to a dashboard to track the results

BangAlbino (Toronto)
  • Developed two online apps to upload, track and view product videos -- Air Optix Colors and puremoist ®
  • Both apps use jQuery to check which video type (webm, mp4) to load
  • Developed an online quiz for parents, offering information about eye care for children.
  • Has a back end admin to allow the client to track the number of people trying the quiz.
  • The site is responsive for use on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

InSpaceSafe (Ontario)
  • Developed the confined space management application
  • Clients using this app are able to perform a confined space hazard assessment and generate a space specific entry procedure in less than 15 minutes
  • The procedure / work instruction is incorporated into the confined space permit
  • App automatically generates 80% of required procedures
  • To ensure accuracy and reduce individual liability, these procedures are made available electronically on-line for review and approval by multiple workplace parties

GroupExpedia (Montreal)
  • Developed two versions of an online survey application for team building.
  • One version adds all of the users up front and assigns each a password.
  • The other version allows the users to use a team password, and a private username, adding them to the database as they log in the first time.
  • The application generates a PDF report with graphs illustrating where the team averages on the various criteria.

    Inward Safety (Toronto)
  • Developed an application for contractor management.
  • Program is used to track contractor compliance with Canadian safety regulations.
  • Allows users to see at a glance what qualification documents any contractor needs to prepare, and what level of acceptability those documents have.

Settlement Roadmap (Toronto)
  • Developed the front and back-end for a website devoted to assisting new immigrants to Canada.
  • Site integrates with Google maps.
  • Site offers a multi-filtered search engine that allows the user to search for agencies offering the resources they need (language classes, levitra generico, employment services and so on).
  • Users may search by province or region, or look for agencies within a specified radius of their postal code (app uses the postal code database from Canada Post).
  • Users may map any of the agencies returned, and also may save their searches.

foodOn (Toronto)
  • Developed front and back-end for a food and drink website, offering links to wineries, breweries, food producers of all sorts in Ontario.
  • Site integrates with Google maps.
  • Site offers a list of current events, with filter and sort functions.
  • Registered users can comment on the content, and create a saved search page of any links or pages.

    Nexus 6 (Toronto)
  • Developed back-end for 5 Rivers Entertainment site.
  • Program interfaces with a php software download app to allow users to purchase tunes.
  • Backend admin allows site owner to manage news items and performer bios.

    onHand Productions (Chicago)
  • Developed a personal finance app for mobile phones.
  • Program allows user to set up a budget and daily track spending.
  • Full report section indicates whether over or under budget.

    BangAlbino (Ontario)
  • Developed a web based application to generate online assessment tests for drug company reps.
  • All tests were timed, some provided immediate feedback for incorrect answers, some had requirements such as 'must complete module 1 before getting access to module 2'.
  • Provided reports on test results, including average scores, top five questions answered incorrectly.
  • Coded a needs analysis survey to assess sales personnels' level of confidence about various aspects of their jobs. The survey has a back-end reporting module.
  • Developed a web based application to generate online assessment tests for drug company reps. feedback forms for company rep training, with a back-end report module.

    Nexus 6 (Toronto)
  • Developed front and back-end for the Canadian Glaucoma Clinical Research Council site.
  • Program allows registered members to upload research protocols.
  • There is a 3 tier permissions setup to distinguish among users at login. Some site members are permitted to rate the uploaded protocols and to discuss the ratings in a private online forum.

    JM&A (Toronto)
  • Developed the back-end admin allowing the company to enter garments, fabrics, vendors, etc into their database.
  • Program automatically generates a style number that indicates garment type and fabric.
  • Program has a search engine and print function.

    Pangaea NewMedia (Toronto)
  • Database design for Genesis project.
  • Created user interface to migrate data from Excel files.
  • Set up graphs using multiple data sets.
  • Database design and migration of data from Excel files for the Telling Stories project.

    Electramedia (Toronto)
  • Converted JDS Uniphase site URLs to search engine friendly URLs (replacing the '?' and '&' with '/').
  • Fine-tuned the search engine for JDS Uniphase as per client request.
  • Set up the Royal St. George's College site in Electramedia's content centre as per designer's specs.
  • Worked on setting up Mercedes-Benz Canada site in Electramedia's content centre as per designer's specs.
  • Worked on Electramedia's content centre version 5.

    Watts Distribution Services Ltd (Etobicoke)
  • Coded a series of templates to allow users to track their inventory in tabular form.

    Institute for Work and Health (Toronto)
  • Wrote code for an online survey, with a back end maintenance module.
  • Created a report section with graphs and tables comparing the survey results.
  • Prepared the documentation for same.

    SqueezeIntermedia (Toronto)
  • Wrote the back end content maintenance application for the Cogeco website.
  • Wrote a banner ad program that rotated the banner ads as well as determined whether to display the French or English version of the ad.
  • Prepared the documentation for same.

October 2000 - July 2001 Programmer
    Spin Master Toys (Toronto)
  • Wrote a secure login system to allow outside vendors to access and update their information in the company intranet database.
  • Created on-line versions of existing paper documents, and developed an electronic approval system for these documents.
  • Created a system to track changes to product info, presenting the results both as a daily report, and as a color coded page on-line.

    Gutlevel (Toronto)
  • A site for people looking for mortgage financing. The front end allows the user to search for mortgage consultants, searching by area, language, or the consultant's last name.

February 1998 - October 2000 Programmer
    Fifty-Plus.Net, Inc. (Toronto)
  • Developed electronic greeting card program using ColdFusion and Access.
  • Developed a travel web site, with database-driven dynamic pages, using ColdFusion and SQL Server -- try the demo version Here
  • Coded back-end admin programs for: CARPTravel, Fifty-Plus.Net Card Shop, Just Vacations travel quote fulfilment.
  • "I have used the leisure booking form and have to tell you that I'm extremely impressed with the whole process - you have definitely found a method that is secure enough for the customer and user-friendly for the counsellor." (Paul Murin at Just Vacations, Inc.)

    Pangaea NewMedia (Toronto)
  • Coded the new user admin for the CHUM FM site.

    Gutlevel (Toronto)
  • Coded a number of modules for the ipromoteu e-commerce site - referral and affiliates tracker, order details admin, personal profile and saved page modules.

    1994-1997 Contract Work
  • Won Best in Category prize in a contest held by Visual Basic Programmer's Journal.
  • Developed a version of Hangman, now in use in Southern Ontario, that uses vocabulary words from Laubach Literacy.
  • Developed a library database in Microsoft Access, with a Visual Basic front end, that includes: data entry form, search function, and report generation.
  • Contract work for: Portable Designs, Cambridge Literacy Council, Milligan's Harpworks, Principle Marques.

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Literacy Council.
  • Initiated and supervised the editing and publishing of a reader for adult literacy students.
  • Initiated and supervised the purchase of a new computer, and trained staff and tutors in its use.
  • Achieved senior tutor status.

1990-1993 Cabinet maker
Image Craft
  • Promoted to lead hand in charge of three to five people, responsible for training new staff, inventory control, and production scheduling.
  • Guided the woodshop through the transition from fully assembled card racks to knock-down racks.

1984-1990 Cabinet maker
Living Wood
  • Successfully launched a woodworking business producing giftware, custom furniture, and case goods. Responsible for designing products and production runs, and hiring and training staff.
  • Repaired and restored stringed musical instruments.
  • Developed a three-foot wing span boomerang to advertise Foster's Lager, displayed in over 2500 pubs in Ontario and British Columbia.


    Ryerson Polytechnic University
  • Fundamentals of Learning
  • Training Methods
  • Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Development
  • Basic Java

    Digital Media Studios
  • Computer Applications for Webmasters

    The Institute for Computer Studies
  • Computer Programming and Systems Analysis

  • Subscriber at online training

  • Adobe ColdFusion Experts Group
  • CFManiacs:ColdFusion Developers Group
  • Voracious reader