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Air Transat, our eye for detail and our passion for travel are just part of our Instinct for Travel. We understand your need to escape, to explore the world and to relax in comfort. Your holiday dreams are our inspiration.Bon Voyage!

Regardless of your destination, Air Transat Holidays and Air Transat are your best bets for discovering the world on your vacation! Welcome aboard!


What your package includes

Your All Inclusive Package
3 meals daily, unlimited alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, numerous activities and sometimes even a few extras!

Your Almost Inclusive Package
3 meals daily and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Occasionally, some activities are included.

Throughout this brochure you'll find a variety of hotels featuring Meal Plans, Beverage Credits (not applicable to children), and Kitchenette or Kitchen facilities.

Hotel Ratings

In order to help you select a hotel or resort, a star rating has been applied to each of the properties listed in this brochure. Ratings are established according to the services provided, renovations, common areas and overall comfort. Please keep in mind that these ratings are relative to the general standards of each destination, and that accommodations may vary from those here in Canada. Similarly, a superior hotel at one destination may vary from another at a different destination.

A tourist class property featuring basic accommodation and a limited range of services, facilities and amenities.
For the value-minded traveller. A comfortable property offering moderate accommodation, services, facilities and amenities.
A well-priced property offering pleasant surroundings and accommodation, as well as a good range of services, facilities and amenities.
Upgraded guest comfort offering a high standard of accommodation and a wide variety of services, facilities and amenities.

Please note that half-star ratings indicate that the property is classified between two categories. For example, a 3½-star property is of a higher standard than a 3-star, but is not quite a 4-star.